Soda Pop!!


It started out as a simple request for a Cola Man skin.  Lightning Man took up the challenge and sparked interest in a large number of posters, including myself.  Cardmaster then joined the battle of the Cola and below are the initial results.  We will be adding content as we come up with skin/FX ideas.  This is an open page, so anyone who would like to contribute skins, FX, ideas – all are welcome!  Now, drink on, ‘cuz Soda Pop RULES!!


bottle_throw  =PROJECTILE=  by MikeB7

colashield_throw  =PROJECTILE=  by Cardmaster





cola_jet  =BEAM=  by MikeB7

uncola_jet  =BEAM=  by MikeB7




dew_jet  =BEAM=  by MikeB7 



CMColajet4Pack  =BEAM=  by Cardmaster 

*Four flavors!  PepsiBlue, Cherry, Grape and Orange!



2sodabeams  =BEAM=by Iron Jelly *chercola_jet and crusher_jet

*Cherry Colaman skin by Plasma Wisp from ELECTRIC FREEDOM

*Crusher skin by Captain Spud



winning_cap  =PROJECTILE=  by Iron Jelly

*Al Peck skin by Tortuga

*Bryan Pope skin by Don Franco of ELECTRIC FREEDOM



Skins by Lightning Man 


Cola Man

*for the male_shield mesh


*for the human_torch mesh

Professor Pepper

*for the fb_smallhead_tshirt mesh










Skins by Phishhed  *These skins and more available at Phishhed’s Grotto


Big Red Six-Pack

*for a wide variety of meshes



Skins by Captain Spud  *These skins and more available at Captain Spud’s Skins Page



*for the male_heavy_effects mesh



Skins by Braum



*Van (Vanilla Coke) for the male_heavy_effects mesh

*Di (Diet Vanilla Coke) for the fl_smallhead_centerfold mesh





*Seven flavors of Jolt Cola for the Electro mesh



Skins by Captain Carrot *This skin and more available at Captain Carrot’s Furry Freedom



*male_hunter mesh



Skins by Kitsune



*female_straighthair_muscular mesh





Soda Pop!!